The Catholic Worker Movement

The Works of Mercy

The Works of Mercy are an abiding norm for the Catholic Worker Movement. Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin lived lives of "active love" built on these precepts.

In Christian tradition they are. . .

The corporal works of mercy:
feeding the hungry
giving drink to the thirsty
clothing the naked
offering hospitality to the homeless
caring for the sick
visiting the imprisoned
burying the dead

The spiritual works of mercy:
admonishing the sinner
instructing the ignorant
counseling the doubtful
comforting the sorrowful
bearing wrongs patiently
forgiving all injuries
praying for the living and the dead

Some Sources In Scripture

Matthew 25:31-46
Matthew 5
Isaiah 58:6-7
Hebrews 13:3
1 John 3:17
2 Timothy 4:3
Tobit 4:5-11
Matthew 6:2-4
Luke 3:11, 11:41
James 2:15-16