The Catholic Worker Movement

On Hospitality

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Forward to House of Hospitality (DDLW #435)
An account of the first five years of the Catholic Worker (C.W.). Describes the C.W. not simply as a newspaper but as a movement. Explicates its position on labor and unions through Peter Maurin's ideas on personalism. Much of the book, however, is taken up with the day to day experiences of the C.W., describing the soup lines, publication of the paper, picketing, farm communes, and the finances of the C.W. (DDLW #435)

1936 December

"Houses of Hospitality" (DDLW #308)
Enunciates the principles for starting a house of hospitality. Emphasizes starting small and emphasizing Christian principles. "They [Houses of Hospitality] will emphasize personal action, personal responsibility as opposed to political action and state responsibility."

1940 May

Catholic Worker Ideas On Hospitality (DDLW #358)
Defends against the charge that they do more harm than good in providing hospitality to the undeserving. Asserts that doing the Works of Mercy is following Christ and a revolutionary technique. Points to the monastic tradition of indiscriminate hospitality. Other keywords: Communism, hospices, social order.

1945 December

"Room For Christ" (DDLW #416)
Meditation on hospitality, that is, seeing Christ in those around us, ministering to others the way Christ ministered and was ministered to; with examples of this from the Scriptures. Encourages all to some form of the "privilege" of hospitality not because people remind us of Christ "but because they are Christ."

1964 April

"The Mystery of the Poor" (DDLW #189)
Answers students' question: "How can you see Christ in people?" Says Christ shows himself in the hands and feet of the poor around us. What we do for the poor we do for Christ which leads to an increase in faith and belief in love.