The Catholic Worker Movement

Dorothy Day's writings from 1980

1980 February

"On Pilgrimage - February 1980" (DDLW #602)
Diary jottings of people coming and going, music listened to, books read, and little delights. Describes herself as "on the shelf" and quotes a prayer of Ephraim the Syrian on sloth.

1980 March

"On Pilgrimage - March/April 1980" (DDLW #604)
Notes from her diary about operas, Friday night speakers, visitors, phone calls, and friends.

1980 May

The Final Word Is Love (DDLW #867)

Poetically expresses the essential charism of the Catholic Worker Movement--poverty, community, and love found in eucharistic companionship. [Note: this text became the Postscript of her autobiography The Long Loneliness.]

1980 May

"On Pilgrimage - May 1980" (DDLW #603)
Finds it hard to write about her sister Della who died--"my closest friend and confidante." Recalls growing up in Chicago together and their reading, conversations, and walks. Notes their differences over birth control--Della had worked for Margaret Sanger who Dorothy once interviewed.

1980 June

"On Pilgrimage - June 1980" (DDLW #605)
Increasingly weak and confined to her room, she notes all the activity around her--visitors, cards, news of protesters, anniversay celebrations, speakers, and proofs for the next edition of the CW paper.

1980 July

"On Pilgrimage - July/Aug 1980 (DDLW #922)
Jottings about music, dramas, and documentaries she enjoyed on TV and radio. Notes the comings and goings of friends and recollects times past. Mentions where she learned about praying for those who commit suicide.

1980 September

On Pilgrimage - September 1980 (DDLW #917)
A series of brief diary entries about phone calls, Masses, shows on TV, operas, books she's reading, recollections of friends and times past. A quote from St. Augustine on the love of God.

1980 October

On Pilgrimage - Oct/Nov 1980 (DDLW #921)
Short diary-like jottings: memories, visitors, TV shows watched, and comments on books.

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