The Catholic Worker Movement

Dorothy Day's writings from 1910 to 1919

1910 | 1911 | 1917 |

The following three short stories and a poem, written when Dorothy Day was 13 and 14, are likely her first published work.

1910 December

"My Doll House" (DDLW #144)
A description of her doll house and the phantasies it sparked.

1911 June

"Be Cheerful" (DDLW #144)
A poem urging cheerfulness even when feeling sad and depressed.

1911 June

"The Picnic" (DDLW #144)
A dream involving a picnic in the woods with fairies and elves.

1911 September

"A Bird Story" (DDLW #144)
A tragic tale of mischief, rescue by the fairy queen, and final forgiveness.

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