On Pilgrimage - July/August 1960

By Dorothy Day

The Catholic Worker, July/August 1960, p. 5.

Summary: Explains the lack of a full column due to the birth of her latest granddaughter. (DDLW #949).

Nothing can be more engrossing than taking care of children, and this month has been a busy one both on Staten Island, on the beach, and at Perkinsville, Vermont, where a new child, Catherine Ann, was born to David and Tamar Hennessy on July 9, instead of on July 24 when she was expected. Not only did I not write a continuation of my travels which I promised for this issue, but I wrote no “on pilgrimage” at all. Instead, I wrote a review of the one play I saw, “The Connection” and an account of the one Friday evening meeting I attended at which Fritz Eichenberg spoke. In the September issue, the “On Pilgrimage” will be continued.