The Catholic Worker Movement

St Francis Catholic Worker
9631 Peppertree Rd
Spotsylvania VA 22553

Phone: 540-972-3218

Publication: St. Francis Catholic Worker

The St. Francis Catholic Worker is a one-page, home-spun newsletter, offered free of charge, mailed faithfully February, May, August, and November to all who request a copy.

Born in Washington, DC in 1979 as a hospitality house for single adults, both male and female, we missioned and helped to start the Dorothy Day Catholic Worker House for families. Several members of our community prayerfully became its core community in 1981. Experiencing a new call to service from Jesus we embraced a long held vision of a spiritual retreat center for folks living in shelters and transitional houses. Thus, in 1993 we moved to the above address and began hosting non-denominational, directed, group retreats (with the assistance of volunteer retreat directors). Our 12 bedroom retreat house and separate chapel with the Blessed Sacrament, located on a ten acre wooded property, is an oasis of love for our sisters and brothers who come.

Our community house, separate from the retreat house, has room for 5 people: 2 couples and a single person. Each bedroom has its own bathroom and quiet space. Simple living, in solidarity with the poor, requires much change from the average American lifestyle. Our wood burning fireplace gives winters warmth along with baseboard heat backup, used only as needed. Food bank shopping, limited use of community vehicle, Mass daily at our local parish are a few examples of our attempt at simple living. We are a mix of Martha and Mary: we meditate each day and we do laundry too.

Volunteers needed:

For our ministry of hospitality and love coupled with a retreat ministry for the homeless who are longing for a stronger connection to Christ. We seek a couple and a single person approximately between ages 45 and 65 to join our faith community and work with our retreatants. We look for willing hearts to make a long term commitment to engage in all aspects of life here -- from bookkeeping, letter writing, gardening, bed making, retreat direction and faith sharing with our guests, to community prayer and a little laughter.

We take seriously the command, "Come follow me" and because of that we live a faith fulfilled life.


Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day often went on retreats, themselves. Dorothy wrote of her own retreat experiences and urged others to make retreats. "Food for the soul," she called them. Her writing clearly shows she envisioned Catholic Worker retreat houses --"... It is certainly a dream for the future." We are humbled to be part of the lying out of her dream.

Inquiries Welcome. Please contact John or Polly Mahoney, or Pumpkin, our cat, at the above address and phone.