The Catholic Worker Movement

Nashville Greenlands
2407 Heiman St
Nashville TN 37208-2415

Phone: 617-322-9523

Contact: Karl Meyer


We are a non-sectarian community, not based in prayer or religious doctrine, affiliated with the Catholic Worker movement through many years of personal association, and a deeply shared ethical and social vision. Our common purpose is to explore and demonstrate an ecologically sustainable way of life within a city, based on agricultural use of yards and open land, and a simple common life, to minimize our consumption of world resources. We also practice radical direct action for justice and peace and use our houses and land for education about peacemaking and the nonviolent way of life we seek to develop.

We have a network of seven houses in an inner-city Nashville neighborhood, with about an acre and a half of land, and housing for two dozen residents. Each household is autonomous. We welcome visits and inquiries from people interested in our ideas and practice, and occasionally have openings for like-minded people interested in joining us as residents.

Resident Volunteer Opportunities - Long Term

One opening, beginning mid-August 2018, and occasional openings as current residents move out to other commitments and housing.

Nashville Greenlands is an intentional residential community devoted to urban agriculture and social justice action. We have a network of seven houses we have restored in a poor neighborhood in Nashville, Tennessee.

For the resident volunteer opportunities above, we are looking for people with a convincing commitment to a simple, just, and environmentally sensitive way of life, and to advocacy and activism for social justice and world peace.

Our community structure is decentralized and non-directive. Housing and utilities are provided free in exchange for thirty hours per month of help with gardening and housing maintenance, under the guidance of the household coordinator. Beyond this commitment, residents choose their own areas of action and employment. Current residents are key organizers and activists in other community organizations devoted to outreach and service to homeless people, labor organizing and support among exploited immigrant workers, collection and distribution of surplus food to communities in need, criminal justice reform, environmental conservation, and world peace advocacy.

CONTACT AND APPLICATION: To discuss in more detail, call Karl Meyer at 615-322-9523, or to apply, send a personal statement of your interests and motivation, and a resume' of relevant background to Nashville Greenlands, 2407 Heiman St., Nashville, TN 372018-2415. (A string of email questions will elicit only a referral to the two options listed above.)