The Catholic Worker Movement

Catholic Worker Community of Akron
838 Princeton St
Akron OH 44311

Phone: 330-384-1112


Website: Catholic Worker Community of Akron

Publication: Catholic Worker Community of Akron News

Facebook: Catholic Worker of Akron

Houses and work of the Catholic Worker of Akron:

House of Peace
838 Princeton St.
Akron, OH 44311
Contact: Sr. Catherine Walsh, CSA
Hospitality for women and children.

Casa Maria Jose 834 Princeton St.
Akron, OH 44311
Contact: Sr. Catherine Walsh
Hospitality to the Hispanic community.

Dorothy Day House
865 Princeton St.
Akron, OH 44311
Volunteer house.

The Catholic Worker has been present in Akron for twenty years. Presently we are in transition.

The last “founding member” is semi-retiring. Meanwhile, as a community, we are seeking new members, especially persons who could live-in part or full time, with talents and energy for vision and direct service. We are open and prayerfully discerning the best direction to follow.

Our core ministry is hospitality to women and children with a heavy emphasis on immigrants. We currently provide housing and direct service. We have and are in cooperation with other grassroots groups who are in service to the neighborhood. We have consciously endeavored to be a “good neighbor” and are well integrated into the local community. We strongly believe that Catholic Worker presence in Akron is and has been a blessing to all. We are well supported by the larger community.

While we operate as an “organism” more so than an organization – we do have a strong organization. We are open to the work of the Holy Spirit as we move forward. Our greatest hope is that the principles of the Gospel as lived by Dorothy Day and Peter Maurin be followed.