The Catholic Worker Movement

The Mennonite Worker
2420 11th Ave S
Minneapolis MN 55404

Phone: 612.568.8320


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Simone Weil House
2420 11th Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55404

Clare House
2717 South 8th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55454

The Mennonite Worker is an urban intentional community committed to following Jesus' way of hospitality, simplicity, prayer, peacemaking, and resistance. We are a Mennonite congregation whose way of life together is deeply influenced by the Catholic Worker movement.

Our current work includes operating two houses of hospitality, gardening, and a variety of organizing and educational projects through the Gene Stoltzfus Center for Creative Peacemaking, which is located at the lower level of Simone Weil House.

Volunteers needed:
The Mennonite Worker often has room for folks interested in sharing in our work. To find our more, visit