The Catholic Worker Movement

Hildegard House Catholic Worker
617 N 8th Ave E
Duluth MN 55805

Phone: 218 722-2231


Website: Hildegard House Catholic Worker

At Hildegard House we welcome and offer hospitality to those who have experienced human trafficking and are in need of a safe place to rest and heal. We strive to love and learn from each other, focus on the goodness in each person and support the growth and wholeness of all.

Rooted in the Catholic Worker tradition, we embrace the God-given dignity of all creation. As Catholic Workers, we recognize the universality of the call to love one another which manifests itself in the teaching of the great faith-filled traditions. and we resist violence in all its forms. Hildegard House is not tax exempt. Through our faith in the Spirit, we look to the generosity of our friends and neighbors to sustain the work.

We are a small Catholic Worker house offering hospitality to women who have survived exploitation through human trafficking. We are committed to comforting the afflicted and equally as important, afflicting the comfortable. We hold a monthly Clarification of Thought, actively participate in the regional Catholic Worker retreats in non-violent resistance, and we ally with local grassroots groups that resist exploitation and work for peace and justice. We strive to deepen our faith and nurture our spirituality individually and collectively.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED We are in need of 2 live-in women volunteers, to share in welcoming and caring for our guests and attending to the house needs. Basic helpful skills include: good listening, and ability to stand with and empower our guests. Our guests, live-in volunteers and extended community supporters engage in regular fun, community building activities such as spa night, a craft making. We encourage our volunteers to participate to whatever extent comfortable, in all the tenets of the catholic worker movement which includes Clarification of Thought and resisting violence in all of its forms.

We would prefer a minimal commitment of 6 months and if it seems like a good fit, encourage you to stay longer. Room and board is free and there is room to pursue part-time employment or other personal interests. Our house is located in a residential neighborhood, is close to the downtown area, and public transportation is easily accessible.

Did I mention that we have multiple garden sites and we are mentored by elders in organic, sustainable and communal farming practices?

If interested, contact Michele Naar-Obed, (218) 722-2231, or email;, or message us through facebook; Hildegard House Duluth Catholic Worker.