The Catholic Worker Movement

St. Francis House of Hospitality
44 East Terrace
Millinocket, Maine 04462

Phone: 207-731-4513


St. Francis House of Hospitality in Millinocket, Maine opened on March 8 of 2015, the international day celebrating women. We practice the Works of Mercy, and believe that God has called us to serve our poor and marginalized brothers and sisters.

Most of those who have come to us have been homeless and many needing rest and retreat. Some have stayed long and some stay only a week or two waiting for a placement or services to begin. We have also taken in folks finishing the Appalachian Hiking Trail, and folks running in the Millinocket Marathon. We offer a clean comfortable room, quiet spaces for prayer and/or meditation, nutritious meals, spiritual companioning, transportation to medical appointments, referral, spirituality group, and the opportunity to live in community. There is no charge for anything. We fund St. Francis house by our private income, donations from our guests, and from the generosity of our family and friends. We are William and Jane Mary Frost. Peace and blessings.

Consider contacting St. Francis House of Hospitality to volunteer your time or to participate in their community life.