The Catholic Worker Movement

Amsterdam Catholic Worker
Klieverink 125-126-127
1104 CC Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Phone: 020-6994 320


Website: Amsterdam Catholic Worker

Publication: Dynamite!

Jeannette Noel Huis, Dantestraat 202, Postbus 12662, 1100 AP Amsterdam, Tel: 020 -699 8 996:
We live together with about a dozen illegalised refugees, hold vigils at the nearby refugee-deportation-prison and in other ways advocate a more loving way of dealing with Christ incarnate in the least of our brethren. Also vigils a the stock exchange against the arms trade and occasional anti-nuclear actions at USAF bases.

Rhimou Communauteit, Kikkenstein 224, 1104 AK Amsterdam, Tel: 011 31 20 6956 203 The community shares the house with illigalised women and children.