The Catholic Worker Movement

Casa Colibri
J. Manuel Hernandez E.
Ocampo # 2
Hostotipaquillo, Jal 46440

Phone: 386.744.5063


Casa Colibri Home Page

We are a newly established community in rural Mexico, founded by former LACW community members. Casa Colibri: We are an intentional community in the Catholic Worker tradition. Our projects include: a small organic farm; child, teen, and adult English classes; traditional folklorico dance classes; artistic and cultural workshops; round table discussions; prayer; and monthly in-house liturgies. In addition to our efforts to connect with and build community in the rural town of Hostotipaquillo, we are committed to maintaining our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. This we believe is essential to the Catholic Worker philosophy of "building a new society in the shell of the old."