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Denver Catholic Worker
(temporary address)
1023 26th Street
Denver, CO 80205.

Phone: 303-296-6390


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The Denver Catholic Worker is purchasing a house to replace the one we lost in the 2016 fire, so we can resume our ministry of hospitality to folks experiencing homelessness. The house is smaller than the one we lost but is just as centrally located near downtown Denver. It's in the midst of Emmaus Housing, the low-income rental housing community a group of CW-related folks began in 1999. Emmaus Housing will own the new CW house in order to keep it out of the housing market and dedicated to serving low-income folks in perpetuity. The CW will live in the house, offering community and hospitality as we did for 38 years until the fire. We hope to move in in July and may need another live-in worker. A friend has offered us a loan to enable us to buy the house immediately, but we need to keep raising money to pay him back. If you're interested in helping us, please see our website and gofundme.