The Catholic Worker Movement

Casa de Clara
San Jose Catholic Worker
318 N 6th St
San Jose CA 95112

Phone: 408-297-8330


Website: Casa de Clara

We are a Catholic Worker community rooted in Jesus’ vision for the world and committed to a shared life of prayer and action. We joyfully serve people marginalized by capitalism, racism, homophobia, sexism, transphobia, and other forms of exploitation. Among the services we currently offer are showers, transitional housing, groceries, and breakfast.

We serve the poor in our midst through a house of hospitality for women and children, a hot shower program for men and women living on the streets, foot care services, a food distribution program, and a safe parking program for those living in their cars. We are looking to create clean, safe, and sanctioned encampments for those experiencing homelessness in the near future.

We oppose all war and war-making, and regularly vigil at Lockheed-Martin, the largest weapons manufacturer in the world. We also actively oppose ROTC at our local Catholic university campus (Santa Clara University).

We are currently looking for full-time, live-in Workers as well as part-time volunteers.