The Catholic Worker Movement

Quixote's Garage
217 N. McCormick Street, #5
Prescott AZ 86301

Phone: 928-771-2637


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Publication: Quixote's Epistle

Quixote's Garage is located in Sam Hill Alley, between Granite and McCormick Streets, just north of Willis in downtown Prescott.

Quixote's Garage is a drop-in for anyone who needs a place to be out of the cold, heat, etc, or just a safe, calm place to relax during the day. The hours are 8:30am-2pm every day except Thursday. (That includes weekends and holidays). Also closed on Mondays, except for holidays. We have a telephone and take messages, our address can be used to receive mail, we have several couches, free coffee and sometimes goodies. We average around 20 people a day using the place.

Consider contacting the Quixote's Garage to volunteer your time or to participate in their community life.