The Catholic Worker Movement

Community of the Franciscan Way
a Catholic Worker in the Episcopal Diocese of NC
266 Granite Springs
Pittsboro NC 27312

Phone: (919) BUM-1-CFW


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Publication: The Little Way

The Community of the Franciscan Way (CFW) is a Catholic Worker and Mission of the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina. We seek a life of prayer, humility, simplicity, and voluntary poverty alongside the poor. Committed to the Catholic Worker movement, founded in 1933 by Peter Maurin and Dorothy Day, we advocate for personalism, a decentralized society, and a green revolution through nonviolence, the works of mercy, manual labor, and voluntary poverty. Eleven permanent residents currently live in our Catholic Worker farm house, and our Christ Room is available nightly for temporary guests. Funds and donations are directly used for the performance of the corporeal and spiritual works of mercy, and no one in the House draws any compensation from contributions.

Consider contacting the Community of the Franciscan Way to volunteer your time or to participate in their community life.