The Catholic Worker Movement

New Bedford Catholic Worker
New Bedford MA 02475

Phone: 508-233-3141

Website: New Bedford Catholic Worker


The New Bedford Catholic Worker is a forming urban lay CW community, fueled by the Holy Spirit. In keeping with tradition of the CW movement we intend to live simply, provide hospitality to the poor and conduct Corporal and Spiritual works of Mercy. This historic city can benefit from our future Soup Kitchen and Day Shelter. We plan to peacefully assemble on issues of Worker Justice, Social Justice and overall Injustice. Those interested in voluntary poverty, supplication, communal living, prayer/fasting, tax resistance and non participation in capitalism/consumerism; all while in line with CST and the "Aims and Means" of the CW movement. Please contact us to assist in sharing the work to form this community. If willing to donate assets or allow for the temporary use of land for farming/gardening, housing or commercial space we would love to hear from you. To receive our newsletter or to simply wish us well, please email, call or text.

Volunteers needed:
The New Bedford Catholic Worker is currently only seeking "local/regional" member/volunteers at this time. While we do encourage participatory relocation to NB we currently do not live in community or have a suitable base to operate out of. We do need others to help establish our work here in New Bedford. If you feel called to service here in the south coast region of Massachusetts, we would love to hear from you. God willing, we can attract enough people to pool resources & someday obtain a house. We apologize in advance to all other potential long distance volunteers who are looking to land somewhere; please pray with us for the future success of the NBCW.

We will serve our most marginalized brothers and sisters in Christ with Dignity and Love. Come join us.. Pax et Bonum