The Catholic Worker Movement

The Parkland Worker
Box 60 RR 1
Swan River, Manitoba R0L 1Z0

Phone: 204-281-1683


Website: The Parkland Worker

Blog diary:

We live a simple life on a remote farm in the northern parkland region of Manitoba. We grow and freely share garden vegetables and haskap (both fruit and licensed plants) with individuals and CW houses who express nutritional need. We offer free hospitality to workers and retreatants on a limited scale. Cleaning, dyeing, and weaving wool is a staple of our work during the winter. As Benedictine Oblates we engage in daily liturgical prayer, contemplative prayer, and lectio divina using scripture and a variety of texts throughout our day. We sponsor community discussions and studies on attributes and values related to the Works of Mercy, the Catholic Worker, and the social teachings of the church. We value solitude and silence as well as community and discussion. We carry with us a very distinct, joyful sense of the seamlessness of Creation, of the comprehensiveness of our relationship to the physical world and its peoples, and of the roles of compassion, care, nurture, and mental health that are personally needed to die to ourselves, to serve others, and to act for restorative justice. We welcome all people of good-will regardless of religion, creed, race, and orientations.

Consider contacting the Parkland Worker to volunteer your time or to participate in their community life.