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Detailed information about a community
Mary Queen of Peace House

Mary Queen of Peace House

Mary Queen of Peace House
Dayton Catholic Worker Movement
1046 Huffman Ave
Dayton OH 45403

Phone: 937-227-1365


The Dayton Catholic Worker Movement operates a house of hospitality for six homeless guests labeled working poor, mentally ill, ex-felon, and addict. We mentor social cooperative business development - helping people to help themselves. A cooperative is defined as an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.

MISSION: The mission of Mary Queen of Peace House is to introduce homeless people labeled working poor, mentally ill, ex-felon, and addict to relationship with God.

VALUES:  Mary Queen of Peace House core values are guided by faith in Jesus Christ and Catholic Social Teaching, to include: (1) life and dignity of the human person; (2) call to family, community and participation; (3) human rights and responsibilities; (4) preferential option for the poor and vulnerable; (5) the dignity of work and rights of workers; (6) solidarity; and, (7) care for God's creation.

METHOD: Mary Queen of Peace House community life is ordered daily by the ancient monastic rhythm of Mass, community prayer, work structured as social cooperative and 12 Step study groups.  

CO-OP PROGRAMS:         Stay-at-Home Mom Call Center Cooperative

            Paint Contractors Cooperative

            MS Office Live Design Partner Cooperative

            Print-on-Demand Copy Center Cooperative

            Catholic Internet Television Network Cooperative

            Catholic Creative Commons Cooperative (Peacemakers College Social Documentary)

Volunteers needed:

Mentors with relevant industry experience who want to experience God's love in relationship with His homeless ambassadors.  

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