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Detailed information about a community
Slocum House

Slocum House

Slocum House
208 Slocum Ave
Syracuse NY 13204

Phone: 315-424-1877

Publication: Thursday's Obligation

Volunteers needed:
Slocum House, Syracuse, NY, is the home of the Jail Ministry office, a 35-year Catholic Worker-inspired, grass roots, organization working with inmates at the local city-county jail. The house has space for two or more to live in the house, continue the support of Jail Ministry by helping take care of the house, and create their own CW efforts through hospitality or other social justice efforts within a CW view of the world. Those living in the house are asked to contribute a modest ($200/month) amount to the house upkeep and contribute 3 hours of work a week for house chores. We are hard-wired to the internet, have free long-distance phones, and quiet comfortable space in an inner city location to continue the work of the CW movement in ways that use your passion and skills. The house offers a great opportunity to live simply and work for justice. We seek those who are spiritually grounded, can take care of themselves and can live and work collectively. Call and leave your name and number so we can discuss possibilities: paul frazier; 315-475-2811.

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